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How A Fire Damage Restoration Service Comes To Your Aid After A Kitchen Fire

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A fire in your kitchen is a stressful event because a fire can spread quickly and you may fear your entire house will go up in flames. Even if the fire is limited to the area around your stove, your home could need extensive restoration just to get rid of smoke and soot that travels throughout the house. Cleaning up fire damage is usually a job that requires professional help because you have to deal with structural damage from the fire as well as smoke damage and possibly water damage too. Here's how a fire damage services company like All American Water Restoration can be a big help.

Removing And Hauling Away Damaged Materials

A fire can destroy your stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and flooring to the extent that they need to be removed from your home. The restoration company will save cabinets and appliances when possible, but in many cases, it is more efficient and affordable to just replace certain items. Having a crew available to carry out heavy appliances and tear out flooring and cabinets makes the work go faster and saves you from dealing with disposing of large amounts of household waste.

Preventing Damage From Soot And Smoke

Soot can find its way into other rooms of your home when you have a kitchen fire, even rooms upstairs. Soot is acidic, and it will etch metal and glass if it isn't removed quickly. This means the work of fire damage restoration extends well beyond your kitchen. A restoration crew checks your entire house and cleans the surfaces and fabrics to get rid of soot so no long-term damage will occur.

Smoke is a similar problem in that it can affect your entire house. It may circulate through the HVAC system to permeate your entire home with a smell that is nearly impossible to remove on your own. Fabrics may need to be treated and aired out to get rid of the smoke. The restoration company may need to set up air scrubbers and filters to get the smoke out of the air so you can breathe safely in your home.

Returning Your Home To Its Normal State

Removing fire damaged items and cleaning up soot and smoke is just part of a fire restoration job. Depending on the nature of the fire, your home may need new flooring, new kitchen cabinets, and new walls. A restoration service can arrange repairs to electrical lines, gas lines, plumbing, and the structure of your home so there will be no evidence of the fire once the work is done.

The big benefit of working with a fire restoration company is that the cleanup is done quickly before the damage from soot and water escalates. The entire restoration process may take some time, but a crew can clean up fire damage more quickly and safer than you could do on your own.