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Ways To Ensure A Basement Is Properly Waterproofed

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After buying a home with a basement, one improvement you may want to do is waterproof this area. Then, water won't have the chance to majorly impact this section of your home. If you perform these waterproofing steps around your property, basement water damage won't linger on your mind. 

Think About Outside Solutions

Sometimes homeowners with basements get so fixated on the actual basement itself that they fail to realize that the exterior of their property should be a focal point when it comes to waterproofing.

If you think about this and implement the right solution, then you'll have multiple waterproofing systems working at the same time to keep water away from the basement.

For outside methods, setting up a French drain could be an easy way to direct water away from the outside area where the basement is. These drains are placed underground and do a great job at directing water to the right locations.

Have Slope Professionally Assessed

Water often ends up against a foundation and thus has a higher likelihood of getting into the basement is because of improper soil sloping. Even if you think your property's slope is perfect around the basement area, it doesn't hurt to check.

You can hire a professional inspector to take a look at your property's slope, seeing if it's angled in a way that moves water away from the foundation and subsequently the basement. If it isn't according to what the inspector finds, you'll know to hire a company to make the necessary corrections.

Avoid Quick Fixes

For as something as important as the basement area, you don't want to consider a quick fix for waterproofing. It may help you save money initially, but odds are the solution won't be effective enough to stop water from getting in this area long-term.

Instead, consider going with a high-quality waterproofing method, even if it does cost you more initially. You may have to budget more and save up for these solutions, but at least you won't be worried about massive water damage burning a hole in your wallet. 

With any sort of residential basement, there is the possibility of water damage. That's why you should implement as many waterproofing solutions as you can. You can do this yourself and get help from a professional if you have the budget for some of the more advanced and proven solutions. Contact a waterproofing company, such as Central Penn Waterproofing, for more information.