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The Water Damage Restoration Process When Storms Cause Problems in Your Home

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When severe weather brings heavy rains, there are various issues with damage to your home that you may have to deal with. Sometimes, these problems cause water damage that will require restorations. The following water damage restoration process is what you will have to do when storms cause damage to your home:

Water Removal to Prevent Damage

You want to begin the restorations by removing the water that is causing it. If there are issues with flooding, you want to pump the water out and try to keep it from coming back in. If the problem was caused by damage to the exterior, repair the leaks or install a tarp to protect your home while the repairs are being done. If there is a problem with drainage outside of your home, you may want to dig a temporary drain canal to allow the water to flow away.

Cleaning and Removing Damaged Materials

Some materials are going to need some restorations when cleaning up water damage. Before you can start removing any damaged materials, you will need to begin cleaning up. If there was a problem with flooding or there is contamination in your home, this mess has to be cleaned up before the restorations can be completed. You may be able to remove and restore some materials like carpet, woodwork, and personal possessions like furniture.

Drying Out the Moisture and Preventing Mold

There are several issues with moisture that can cause problems when restoring water damage. Therefore, you want to make sure that the area where repairs are being done is completely dry. This can be done by using industrial fans and opening the windows and doors. Allow the air to circulate to ensure everything is dry. You can have mold testing done and make improvements to prevent mold problems, like adding ventilation where needed. This will prevent problems from coming back after restorations.

Repairs and Preventing Future Water Damage Issues

There are various issues that could have caused the water damage to your home. Sometimes, these problems could have been prevented with the right solutions. Therefore, there may be some improvements that you want to make when restoring the water damage. These improvements can include waterproofing, drainage systems, and adding ventilation to your home.

The severe weather that has recently affected your area could have caused water damage to your home. Contact a water damage restoration company, such as 1-800-BUSY-DOG, to begin cleaning up the mess and repairing your home.