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5 Benefits Of Professional Water Restoration

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Water damage in the home isn't something you can ignore. The area needs to be dried out and repaired quickly so that mold and other issues don't become a problem. This process is something that is best left to professionals. 

1. Industrial  Drying Techniques

It's time-consuming and often ineffectual to attempt to dry out your home using regular box fans and open windows, especially if you are dealing with a large amount of water. Yet, drying the area quickly is the key to preventing a lot of damage. A professional service will bring in much higher powered drying tools, including industrial-strength fans and high-powered water extractors that suck moisture out of flooring and furnishings. 

2. Thorough Mold Mitigation

A huge concern with any type of water damage is mold. The above quick drying techniques can help prevent it, but some mold is likely to still grow. Professionals know where to look for mold, such as under flooring, in the ductwork, or behind walls. They will access these areas and completely remove the mold before it has a chance to grow and spread, thus preventing mold issues down the road. 

3. Textile Damage Repair

A quality damage restoration service does more than dry out the main structure of your home, they also can help with other textiles. This includes everything from rugs and flooring to furniture and even paperwork. Not everything can be saved from water damage, but working with professionals greatly increases the chances that extensive damages to these items can be prevented or repaired. 

4. Full Repair Options

Expect more than just surface water mitigation and repairs. Most damage restoration services will perform a full repair on the water-damaged area. This will include tearing out those items that are too far gone, such as carpeting and drywall, and then replacing it once any damages and mold have been dealt with. Painting and resurfacing services are also typically a part of the restoration service, along with restoration of any removable items that were able to be saved from total destruction. 

5. Streamlined Claim Process

One often-overlooked challenge of trying to handle water damage all on your own is filing the insurance claim. You must keep track of all of your receipts and cost. It is also up to you to negotiate with the insurance adjuster if the cost is greater than expected. Most water damage services work directly with the insurance company and handle any challenges that come up with claiming the work, which can save you time and money. 

Contact a water damage restoration service if floods or a plumbing leak have damaged your home. For more information contact a company such as Disaster Masters.