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How A Fire Damage Restoration Service Comes To Your Aid After A Kitchen Fire

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A fire in your kitchen is a stressful event because a fire can spread quickly and you may fear your entire house will go up in flames. Even if the fire is limited to the area around your stove, your home could need extensive restoration just to get rid of smoke and soot that travels throughout the house. Cleaning up fire damage is usually a job that requires professional help because you have to deal with structural damage from the fire as well as smoke damage and possibly water damage too. Read More»

Why You Should Be Concerned When You See Small Patches Of Mold In Your Home

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Mold is a common problem. There’s a good chance that mold is growing somewhere in your house right now or has been in the past. Common places are around the shower and in the bathroom where it is humid and warm. Mold isn’t always an extensive problem that needs intense measures to fix. Cleaning mold out of your shower can be as easy as using a cleaning product and scrubbing away the signs of mold and mildew. Read More»

How To Clean After A Washing Machine Overflow

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Washing machines are a convenience, until you find your laundry room flooded. Not only you may have to buy a new washing machine, but there’s a mess to clean.  Washing machine water is commonly clean, but water damage can lead to rotten floor boards and mold, if you don’t treat it immediately. The best thing to do is stay calm, and clean up the water by following these guidelines. Dry the Water Read More»