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5 Signs Water Is Entering A Basement Or Foundation

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Waterproofing a basement or foundation is a critical investment in the survival of a home. However, you’ll also need to monitor for signs that the waterproofing may be failing. If you see these 5 signs of trouble, you should ask a waterproofing contractor to check out your place. Deposits of White Minerals As water travels through the ground, it absorbs minerals and salts. If the water enters a structure, it will flow through the area and leave behind those minerals. Read More»

5 Benefits Of Professional Water Restoration

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Water damage in the home isn’t something you can ignore. The area needs to be dried out and repaired quickly so that mold and other issues don’t become a problem. This process is something that is best left to professionals.  1. Industrial  Drying Techniques It’s time-consuming and often ineffectual to attempt to dry out your home using regular box fans and open windows, especially if you are dealing with a large amount of water. Read More»

The Water Damage Restoration Process When Storms Cause Problems in Your Home

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When severe weather brings heavy rains, there are various issues with damage to your home that you may have to deal with. Sometimes, these problems cause water damage that will require restorations. The following water damage restoration process is what you will have to do when storms cause damage to your home: Water Removal to Prevent Damage You want to begin the restorations by removing the water that is causing it. Read More»